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ITCandor Limited is a company dedicated to researching, understanding and advising industry executives on opportunities and trends in the Information Technology and Communications (ITC) industry. It reports on world markets, with a special emphasis on Europe Middle East and Africa. Based in the UK it develops standard research based on the ITCandor Market Model and builds continuous information on the key themes of the market. Currently these include

ITCandor Themes

ITCandor Offerings

Pen For Hire

As you can see from this site, we are prolific and clear in our analysis. We also write many white papers and market assessments for ITC suppliers, industry magazines, consulting companies, users and channels. We have very keen prices and can turn projects around quickly.
Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Speaker Room

Martin Hingley is one of the most experienced presenters in the ITC industry. He has spoken at all sizes of meetings – from small workshops to huge auditoriums. Suppliers – large and small – use his skills to communicate the key trends, forecasts and dynamics of the ITC market. Recent presentations include Cloud Computing, the IT market in the UK and Scandinavia and ITCandor’s 10 Expectations 2011 review. We pride ourselves in understanding the audience, context and importance of each event we present at. ITCandor can also supply you with objective market data to enhance your own presentations. Our prices are very competitive – in fact we don’t always charge, depending on the event. Contact us today to discuss how we can advance your upcoming event.

Market Stats For Start-Ups

ITCandor’s perspective of the world ITC market is firmly based on a detailed tracker, covering the whole market by multiple dimensions. We know how important independent, accurate and action-oriented business planning data is for all suppliers and yet the prices charged by the major research houses are often prohibitive. We don’t have to support a mass of non-researchers or international offices, so our prices are very reasonable and – as you can see from our site – we specialise in analysing the position of new players and initiatives from the existing ones. Recent projects include worldwide server and PC forecasts, Unix and Linux server market sizing in the Telco market, competitive analysis and Cloud Computing forecasts. We always track revenue, net profit and headcount as part of our quarterly tracking. We are also expert in how to account for exchange rates in market assessment. There are many examples of submarkets for which we develop full Excel Pivot tables on this site.
Contact us to discuss your market expectations and how we can support your plans.

ITCandor Trackers include gaming console, PC, server, storage system, peripheral, phone and tablet and network data. Click on the links to download our fact sheets.

ITCandor Methodology

We study and document the ITC market in a number of different ways. In particular:

  • We have created the ITCandor Market Model, which is built on detailed analysis of major vendor revenues by quarter from the beginning of 2003 onwards.
  • We study the announcements of key vendors and analyse them by category, looking for how suppliers promote themselves and pursue the major themes of the current industry
  • We interview users and vendors to provide alternative voices and ideas. As our name suggests, we are keen to provide coverage of strong opinions, whether positive of negative.
  • We attend ITC industry events, whether single vendor briefings or independent ITC industry conferences.

From these sources we build a realistic, up-to-date picture of our complex industry.

ITCandor Market Model Data Coverage

We collect the following data elements when tracking vendors, which enables us to make good estimates of market spending and forms the basis of our forecasts:
Geography– we cover USA, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Australia,, Italy, China, Russia, Canada, Brasil, India, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Iran, South Africa, Denmark, Greece, UAE, Finland,  Egypt, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Israel, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. We also cover EMEA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, The Americas and Asia Pacific at the regional level with ‘Rest of …’ assesments for smaller country markets. We also regularly look at the sizing and growth of specialist country groupings such as BRIC and PIIGS.

Vertical Market – we cover 11 vertical markets, which are Agriculture/ Construction/ Mining, Manufacturing, Transport/Communications/ Utilities, Retail/Wholesale, Finance, Business Services, Central Government, Local Government, Health, Education and Other Vertical Markets.

Customer Size – we cover user organisations by type and size, splitting values into Large (>1,000 Employees), Medium (100-1,000 Employees) and Small (1-99 Employees) company (as well as consumer) categories. In our research we look at strategies for each type of business, as well as consumers, prosumers and the SOHO sector.

Offering – we cover hardware, IT service, software and telecom service as standard categories. In addition we collect information on Server, Storage System, PC, Peripheral, Networking, Converged Device, Gaming Console, Implementation, Outsourcing, Hardware maintenance, Software Maintenance, Internet Service, Application Software, Operating System, Custom Software, Infrastructure Software, Software as a Service, Fixed Line, Wireless and Broadband categories.

Channel – in order to bridge between vendor revenues and user spending we build an analysis of channel margins, breaking each vendor’s revenues into 5 classes. In particular OEM, Direct Outbound, Direct Internet, Indirect Two Tier and Indirect Single Tier.

Period – everything we do is by quarter, including vendor sizing and forecasts and starting at the beginning of 2003. Unlike other market research companies our forecasts and analysis is all based on calendar quarters. Our forecasts cover a five-year period beginning at the end of the current year. All of our curent forecasts cover the period to the end of 2016.

Vendors – we build the ITCandor Market Model on a top down basis, analysing the revenues of the larges vendors. Currently we have over 110 suppliers in our data, of which the largest are AT&T, HP, IBM, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, France Telecom, Sony, Vodafone, Hitachi, Microsoft, Samsung, Dell, Fujitsu, Nokia, and Sprint Nextel.
We also collect user and channel demographic information, as well country GDP, unemployment and natural resources data to provide a consistent basis for generating good forecasts. We will publish a full methodology in each of our ITC Market Reports for those who enjoy studying these at length. For the complex naming and terminology of the ITC industry we update an Acronym Buster for easier interpretation.

ITCandor Sample Research

Why not read some of our sample research published here at WordPress. To date since April 2009 we’ve written over 260 articles linked to our target themes. Copies of these are available in paper or pdf versions on request. For those of you who don’t know Martin Hingley, check out his multiple recommendations on Linkedin.
Gives us a call today – we’re eager to help you use research to improve your organisation’s results. Please contact Martin Hingley and ITCandor at mhingley@itcandor.com, mobile +44 (0) 7791104555 or phone +44 (0) 1235202125.

6 Responses

  1. Hi Martin – I only just found this and have book-marked it – great to see your thoughts are now available to the wider world – and that you are ‘free’ to comment – Im sure that it will be a success looking forward to the updates very best george

  2. Hi Martin – many thanks for the time and effort you have put into this. I look forward to your next update. For disclosure, if we use the classic definition, I am not a baby boomer! very best george

  3. […] Hingley (ITCandor) – ITC markets, data centre, cloud computing, CSR, digital explosion, forecasts, market […]

  4. Hello Martin

    Slowly transisitioning into possible Security role at work and learning on Security – Traditional, Internet, Cloud Based and interaction with systems, Technology and people as well.

    I really enjoyed your presentation on Security vulnerabilities of Cloud information was put across in simple straight forward way without getting into common problem of waffling, going into too much depth and jargons. Plus your manner was interesting and not boring or mono it had life and character to it.

    • David
      Many thanks for your kind comments. This is an exciting market and I’m very pleased to know you found the presentation useful. Best of luck with your new role. Keep in touch.
      Best Wishes

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